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Everything you need to Know about Melolin Dressing

First aid products come in different forms, functionality, and sizes to help address different first aid issues. One of the most popular first aid products are Melolin dressing bandages.

Individuals interested in medical applications regarding the treatment of minor wounds and injuries will need to familiarise themselves with this particular type of dressing, and the various uses that can be applied to the product. Melolin is made up of an acrylic fibre pad featuring absorbent cotton and a thin perforated film of polyester that is attached via a heat bonding process. These bandages have grown in popularity within the medical realm as a result of their accessibility, and the level of flexibility that can be enjoyed by its users as well.

Choosing the Right Dimensions for Coverage

Patients using melolin dressing to treat their wounds can choose from a variety of sizes available in the market, including 5X5, 10X10, and 10X20 to name a few, with these dimensions presented in the form of centimetres. The particular size chosen will depend on a variety of factors such as the size of the wound, the type of injury one is dealing with, and the potential amount of exudates involved. Individuals who might not be sure about the most effective coverage for their injury can seek assistance or advice from a medical professional regarding the proper way of covering the affected region.

Application of the Dressing

People using these bandages should bind the area affected with the perforated film facing the injured region. The dressing should not be placed too aggressively on the injury to ensure that adequate blood circulation can still take place around the enclosed area. The frequency required from activities such as changing the pads will depend on the particular wound in question, and the medical attendee overseeing the treatment can give out such instructions.

Individuals handling the pad will have to ensure they have washed their hands before treating the wound concerned, as well as properly cleaning the surrounding area of the injury before the melolin dressing can be applied. The perforated side of the product can be identified by its shiny nature, and its placement should be handled with extreme care to avoid any unnecessary pain caused to the patient. The pad can either be secured in place using medical tape, or an extra set of bandages that is wound lightly around the affected area to keep the dressing in place.

Benefits of Using Melolin Dressing

Individuals using this type of dressing can enjoy a variety of advantages as a result of the nature of the product. Its non-adhesive attributes ensure that it does not stick to the wound upon application, making it easier and less painful to remove when one needs to change their bandages. The perforated layer also allows unwanted liquids to pass from the injury into the absorbent layer of the pad, ensuring that no additional infections take place as a result of the presence of these fluids.

Availability of the Product

Melolin dressing can either be purchased as a single item or in bulk form depending on the needs of the buyer. It should be noted that the latter alternative does not come in a sterile environment due to the packaging applied.

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