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Poise Extra Long Liners 1859 PKT 22

Product Code: INCK859-22

Description: Poise Extra Long Liners 22 pack Product Code: 01859      Total Capacity: 70ml    Pad...

Brand: Poise


$5.85 (GST Free)

Poise Extra Pads 91862 PKT12

Product Code: INCK135-12

Description: Poise Extra Pads 12 pack Product Code: 91862        Total Capacity: 540ml...

Brand: Poise


$7.20 (GST Free)

Poise Extra Plus Pads 91691 PKT 10

Product Code: INCK140-10

Description: Poise Extra Plus Pads 10 pack Product Code: 91691    Total Capacity: 700ml Pad Length: 365mm Ultimate...

Brand: Poise


$6.90 (GST Free)

Poise Light Liners 91673 PKT 18

Product Code: INCK673-18

Description: Poise Light Liners 18 pack Product Code: 91673      Total Capacity: 25ml    Pad Length:...

Brand: Poise


$3.25 (GST Free)

Poise Overnight Pads 91871 PKT 8

Product Code: INCK142-8

Description: Poise Overnight Pads 8 pack Product Code: 91871           Total...

Brand: Poise


$7.95 (GST Free)

Poise Regular Liners 91853 PKT 26

Product Code: INCK853-26

Description: Poise Regular Liners 26 Pack Product Code: 91853     Total Capacity:...

Brand: Poise


$4.95 (GST Free)

Poise Regular Pads 91860 PKT 16

Product Code: INCK860-16

Description: Poise Regular Pads 16 pack Product Code: 91860    Total Capacity: 240ml    Pad Length:...

Brand: Poise


$7.90 (GST Free)

Poise Regular Pads Ultra Thin W/Wings 91856 PKT 14

Product Code: INCK856-14

Description: Poise Ultrathin Regular with Wings 14 pack Product Code: 91856   Total Capacity: 100ml Pad Length: 230mm...

Brand: Poise


$5.30 (GST Free)

Poise Super Pads 91840 PKT 14

Product Code: INCK840-14

Description: Poise Super Pads 14 pack Product Code: 91840    Total Capacity: 370ml    Pad Length: 276mm When...

Brand: Poise


$6.90 (GST Free)

Poise Super Ultra Thin Pads 91857 PKT 12

Product Code: INCK857-12

Description: Poise Super Ultrathin Pad 12 pack Product Code: 91857       Total Capacity:115ml ...

Brand: Poise


$5.30 (GST Free)