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Microshield Hand Rub 500mL Each

Product Code: JJ61357

Description: Active ingredients: 70% v/v Ethanol and0.5% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate. MICROSHIELD® Handrub Solution is used...

Brand: Schulke


$14.10 (Ex GST)

Microshield Hand Wash 1.5L Each

Product Code: PCSA166-1

Description: A mild neutral formula for routine and social hand washing. MICROSHIELD® Handwash is a mild neutral formulation...

Brand: Schulke


$31.00 (Ex GST)

Microshield Hand Wash 500mL Each

Product Code: PCMC265-1

Description: For face, hand, and body washing, you can rely on Superior Healthcare. We stock a wide range of products, including...

Brand: Schulke


$12.90 (Ex GST)

Microshield Handwash Dispenser 1500mL

Product Code: GMEB393-1

Description: MICROSHEILD HANDWASH DISPENSER:  To complement the range of Microshield Handwash Solutions a selection of...

Brand: Schulke


$28.33 (Ex GST)

Microshield2 Skin Cleanser 1.5L Each

Product Code: PCSA570-1

Description: Active ingredient: 2% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate MICROSHIELD® 2 Chlorhexidine Skin Cleanser is a hygienichand...

Brand: Schulke


$39.80 (Ex GST)

Octenillin Wound Irrigation Solution 350mL Each

Product Code: WCSC001-1

Description: Product Use: • rapid, effective cleansing of wounds • for the removal of wound crusts consisting of...

Brand: Schulke


$27.90 (Ex GST)

Octenisan Wash Lotion 150mL Each

Product Code: PNSK072-1

Description: Mild, gentle antibacterial wash lotion for whole-body cleansing including hair washing and showering.

Brand: Schulke


$11.39 (Ex GST)